Landscape Rehabilitation and Protection of Biodiversity within the Framework of the Co-operation for a Trans-boundary Biosphere Reserve,
acronim: Three Rivers = One Aim

Public institution agency for management of protected natural values in Osijek-Baranja County (PP2)

1. Public institution:

Public Institution agency for management of protected natural values of the Osijek- Baranja County as a controller with 16 protected areas ( divided into 5 categories : a regional park , important landscape , a monument of landscape architecture and natural monument ) was founded on 19 December 2005 . The public institution staffed by four people and workplaces , director , advisor, an expert manager and secretary , as well as through programs CES Professional training employed one person .Apart from the protected areas to which public institutions are managed, in the Osijek- Baranja County to the county under the protection of a nature park and a special zoo reserve , and managed Kopački Rit Nature Park . The total protected areas make up about 20.45 % of the county . One of the most important protected areas with which public institution managed by the Ornithological Reserve Podpanj.

2. Ornithological Reserve Podpanj:

Podpanj area measuring 84 hectares 98 acres and 70 m2, is protected since 1997 in the category of special ornithological reserve. Because of its exceptional value area is included in the composition of the Regional Park Mura-Drava, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube and NATURE 2000. In the area of "Podpanj" recorded 106 bird species of which two dozen species belonging to the European endangered species while 3 species fall the world's endangered species. Inside the reserve are recorded 4 new bird species for Croatia (Emberiza rustica, Acrocephalus agricola, Sterna paradisaea, Calidris alba, and a new species of bats (Pipistrellus pygmaeus).

3. External influences:

Bird Reserve systematically violating a back several years. Termination of the pumping stations reserve is further compromised by the significant reduction in the water level, because the quantity of water received through precipitation has not provided a sufficient amount of water regime requiring natural processes ornitofauna. Because of this there was a dry grassy vegetation, as well as the appearance of seasonal fires. I reserve the higher slope of the terrain of the fish farm Donji Miholjac and for optimal maintenance of the water regime of water had to be over pumping stations to bring the reserve. In neighboring ponds that are directly related to the reserve there was a change in the management structure (pond took concessionaire MSAN), which led to significant changes in the management of fisheries.

4. Project rehabilitation ornithological Podpanj:

In order to restore its old splendor and eliminate the negative external influences on the reservation, public institution Agency for Management of Protected Natural Values in the Osijek-Baranja County, is implementing the project Rehabilitation special (Ornithology) reserve Podpanj.

The project is implemented within the project "Rehabilitation of the landscape and the protection of biodiversity within the framework of cooperation in the border areas of the Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube", the abbreviation of the project: 3 Rivers = 1 Aim, co-financed from IPA CBC HUHR 2007-2013.
The project on the participation of 7 partners, of which the Croatian side 6 County offices:

  • JU Virovitica-(Project Leader)
  • JU Koprivnica County
  • JU Međimurje,
  • JU Osijek-Baranja County,
  • JU Varazdin County
  • JU Vukovar-Srijem

and one partner from the Hungarian side:

  • National Park Danube-Drava

will be implemented in the area of the Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube, to the specific activities of each partner.
Total project Public Institution Agency for the Management of Protected Natural Values in the Osijek-Baranja € 104,368.68, of which 85% related to project activities, and 15% refers to the share of the Public Institution in the project (the share of workers' salaries during 15 months the duration of the project). From Public institutions participating in the project, the Director: Gordan Matkovic, dipl.ing. and professional leader: Ivana Buzuk, dipl.ing.

Project duration: 15 months. Starting date: 01.October 2014 and the end of the project: 30.November 2015.

Since this is a relatively small amount of money for Podpanj, this project is carried out rehabilitation and restoration of areas, and the opening of the reserve in terms of:

  • Cleaning illegal dumps,
  • Planning firebreaks,
  • Regulation of existing roads,
  • Rehabilitation of the existing constitution and the failure,
  • Installing fences and ramps for unauthorized entry and preventing pollution in the reserve,
  • The removal of the one-year and multi-year vegetation as a result of regular maintenance reserves.

Also for the monitoring of birds in the reserve have set up two watchtowers for birds. And in the role of informing citizens, tourists and other nature lovers, as well as informative table on the project and the value of the reserve.

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