Landscape Rehabilitation and Protection of Biodiversity within the Framework of the Co-operation for a Trans-boundary Biosphere Reserve,
acronim: Three Rivers = One Aim

Međimurje Nature - Public Institution for the Protection of Nature (PP3)

Within IPA HU - HR project under the acronym Three Rivers = One Aim , Public Institution Međimurska nature completing works on the site in Žabnik pastures in the municipality of Sveti Martin na Muri , and the sites that are experts determined as ideal for setting up two observation of birds ( bird watching ) which is the development of the organized bird watching in Medjimurje . On the heath in Žabnik their habitat will find 8 throat Međimurje horse , native breed endangered numbers , which will again pasture bring its function . The entire project is carried out in the area of Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava - Danube by UNESCO in July 2012.

Međimurska component of the project is extremely important in the long run , because the open nature of the returns breed that has played a significant role in the economic development of Medjimurje , but even more as a species that is in a favorable state maintained flora and fauna pastures along the Mura and Drava .

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