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virovitickampiju obz

medjimurskakrizevackavarazdinskavukovarsko srijemska

Landscape Rehabilitation and Protection of Biodiversity within the Framework of the Co-operation for a Trans-boundary Biosphere Reserve,
acronim: Three Rivers = One Aim

Press Conference

On Tuesday, April 28, in the informative and educational center in Dubrava Noskovačka was a presentation of the project "Rehabilitation of the landscape and the protection of biodiversity within the framework of cooperation in the Biosphere Reserve" (acronym: Three Rivers = One Aim) IPA Cross CBC HU HR 2007-2013.
At the start of the conference participants on behalf of the organizers, the Public Institution for management of protected natural areas and ecological network Virovitica-greeted director Tatjana Arnold Sabo, and gave the word Andras Talos.
IPA Cross-border program Hungary-Croatia 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 presented by Andras Talos from the Joint Technical Secretariat in Budapest, and then presented the project undertaken by Croatian and Hungarian project partners and logo project presented by Mihaela Mesarić the web site of the project " Three Rivers = One Aim ", which was presented by Ivana Buzuk.